Monday, May 12, 2014

T minus zero

Out of waiting time...Time to put political ideas into words and actions.
"Serendipity is a force to be reckoned with."
                                                T. Hughes
Just at the very time I am feeling generally useless in the world, I am browsing twitter and come across the only tweets that have got my pulse out of first gear in years.
Here's a group of people conversing about a progressive political movement in...of all places...Red State Texas!
Can this be real? Am I really not the only person in Texas who aspires to:
1) non-rigged elections;
2) health laws determined by the women they govern,  instead of [old church-going, hypocritical, wife cheating (what made me say that?!)] white men;
3) a greater interest in three month old babies than in 12 hour old fetuses;
4) a nod at the pleas of Jesus and other sages that we take good care of our unfortunates, our downtrodden,  those who but for the grace of God are my own family?
No! I am not the only one!
Maybe there isn't a throng of me's
in Grayson County, but Collin, Dallas, Cooke Counties are represented among my like minded, unabashed speakers and doers.
I am taking hope, after five silent years home from Denver, afraid to voice an opinion among my red-headed facebook friends, who long ago derided me into humiliated silence amidst their right wing taunts of all things Obama [God be gracious to Birthers, even as they gloat in their ignorance].
In a word, I am excited! There is a whole community of souls who want what I want for our potentially plentiful, gregariously gracious great state of Texas: decency and fair play for all our citizens; justice delivered with the proper dollop of mercy, especially for those who have traditionally been denied either mercy or justice; and great efforts to restore and sustain economic growth for the entire population.
What had been missing in my formula for achieving these goals was "n>1". Silly me for not realizing sooner that "n = a gathering of already committed souls who could always use 'n' more".
Therefore, Uniteblue of Texas, let me introduce myself. How can I be of service?

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